New Novel

hybridwars2For those who like to read books about the supernatural, then I have the book for you. My completed novel, Hybrid Wars Book 1( which is featured here on my website) is now available for reading on Inkitt.com

I am looking for as many people as possible to read it and leave a review. If enough people like it, then I may be offered a publishing contract. So I hope you can help a girl out…Enjoy!


Impaired Driving…

DSC00192Drinking and Driving

     Good afternoon world! I have decided after much contemplation about posting this, well, I guess you could say an essay of sorts on drinking and driving. I feel that there is still too much ignorance when it comes to those who do it, and maybe by posting this, more people will become aware of the great dangers it holds.

Although I have been lucky enough not to have been involved in an accident with a drunk driver, there are more horror stories out there about it that just blows one’s mind, and still, nothing changes. Why? I myself don’t drink, but I have witnessed so many people that do drink, then drive. They are not only putting their life at risk but also everyone else on the road. It can be in a car, sled, or even a quad, it doesn’t matter what type of vehicle it is, it must stop…

Drunk Driving Continued…



A Real-Life Ongoing Look into Depression…

mother nature13Good day all! There are those of us who suffer from a quiet and deadly disease; depression. Finally after years of study and research, people are finally beginning to see that depression is a disease and not just in someones head; but, in actuality, it is in their head, and it’s our reality.

I myself currently struggle with depression, so much so, that there are times I don’t want to get out of bed; and I don’t. Some days my feelings are different than others. Some days I feel lost or like someone doesn’t care about how I feel. Sometimes, it’s sadness, guilt, anger, heartbreak, loneliness, insecurity, low self-esteem, fear, anxiety, hate, rolled into one. Some days are better than others, some days I only have one of these issues, some days I have all of them at once…

Depression can be so overwhelming to a person, and can affect everyone around them. But not knowing how to react to someone with the illness, can sometimes make matters worse for that person. Thanks to people who have dedicated their time and energy looking into depression, others are finally understanding what causes it, and how they can deal with someone who has it.

Depression is a debilitating disease, so much so, that there are times that I won’t leave my room or my home, except to use the washroom. Unless you know what depression feels like, there is no way to know exactly how someone who has it, is going through.

These days, I have chosen to begin writing again and I find that it is helping me with the depression. I look forward to logging onto my website and see who takes a look at things I have posted, before I never used to care. I am NOT going to let depression win this battle within myself, and nobody else should either. Most times we have to deal with this in our own way, so be patient and understanding, not judgmental and critical about the disease. With the proper support and help, I will get through this, you, will get through this. It just takes time.


The Meaning of Family…

1245In light of the past year’s events, and people who have lost their lives for no other reason but being human; it begs to question what family means to people now a days.

I grew up in the 80’s, and back then, family meant something different than what it does now, and that’s really heartbreaking.We as a society have become so consumed by today’s advancements in the world, that we often forget that most of us have a family and actually need to spend time together as one; minus the technology.

Every Friday growing up, my dad used to throw us all in the car, hook up our fifth wheel and go camping for the weekend, EVERY WEEKEND! Not only did it bring the family closer together, it also helped with the development of myself and my sisters as women. Sitting by a campfire at night roasting marshmallows and talking about a boy we were crushing on, were just some of the things we did as a family.

Sadly, that doesn’t seem to happen much anymore, and we need to change that. While everyone may not agree with me, that’s fine, this is just my opinion. Yes, having all this new technology may help in our current lives, but then we are also leaving other things out in the cold. Too many fast-food stops instead of a nice family cooked meal where everyone sits to the table. Verbal communication has been broken down because of the ability to text or e-mail. Lives are more hectic than they used to be, but we are at fault, we are the ones who are ensuring that family will never hold the same meaning as it used to.

We need to make the effort and make some time for our family. No cell phones, no texting or e-mailing. We survived just fine before without it, and it won’t kill us to spend a couple days without it every now and then. Even if you don’t leave the house, do something as a family. Now that spring has finally sprung, it will soon be time to have fires at night in the backyard. Have a game night, or watch a movie that everyone will like. The only ones that are going to suffer because of our thirst for everything technological, is our kids, and they will pay that price. Soon there won’t be any verbal communication at all, and that’s frightening.

I’m hoping that some people will agree with me, and there are those who won’t. I grew up without internet and cell phones until I became a young adult, and I loved my life then, now, not so much.

Just something to think about…